How It All Started

Welcome to our Florida cottage. We have long desired to own a property in the beautiful Sunshine State. Pretty much the entire life of our marriage we have dreamed of owning real estate outside of California. So that’s a 23 year dream that has now come true! It is our wish when Lance retires in just under 4 years to permanently relocate to our quaint cottage in Venice. Until then, we are very pleased to share it with others.
Travel and real estate are 2 of our passions. Being able to combine the 2 is a match made in heaven!

Do you remember your first experience in a vacation rental? We thought about that for a moment……but, we didn’t!! We have, however, stayed in many over the recent years. I love the ease, comfort and convenience of a home over a hotel. It’s just…….BETTER! Creating a space where families, singles, and couples feel at home is our goal. We truly want this to be a place that you want to return. A place you would recommend to friends and family. A place that you think of fondly. A place where memories are made.

We hope to make memories with our 3 children in our cottage as the future unfolds. In the space between now and then it is our pleasure to host you and your company.

Lance and Kristin Walters

The Purchase

Our Journey began with contacting these guys after watching several of their videos online… this one…


Next we booked our flights, reserved the car and took a jaunt over to South West Florida to discover the area, exploring Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis and South Venice. We determined to focus our efforts on South Venice

What’s not to love about the area. Lush and green, super close to the inlet and so so so charming!

After being beat out by 5 cash buyers we finally landed a deal and purchased our precious Palmetto Cottage.

The renovation Journey Begins